Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Are You Obsesssed With Craft Brew?

Over at the Beer and Whiskey Brothers there is a test to measure how obsessed you've become with craft brew.  I took the test myself and am a Geek on the Edge according to the Bros.  Although I do think they left some very important questions off of the quiz.  Head on over and take the quiz here.  And for extra credit see if your FatCat nerd worthy.

So here's FatCat's addition to the Bros Beer Nerd quiz. 

16.  Have you ever drank beer out of a 5 gallon bucket?  3 pts

17.  At any point have you ever announced to your drinking party that you would like to bathe and or stick an appendage into the beer you were drinking?  3 pts

18.  Have you ever eaten a hop?  3pts

19.  In 3 successive trips to the liquor store, you have needed a box to carry out your craft beer purchase.  3pts

20.  You could not purchase anymore craft beer because you physically couldn't fit anymore beer into your beer fridge.  5pts.

How did you fare? 

I'm sure we could adapt these into, "You might be a craft beer nerd if..." jokes.  I'll get on that!


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