Thursday, May 2, 2013

Boulevard's Great Wort Giveaway 2013!

Have you ever wished that the great folks at Boulevard Brewing Company would go through all the trouble of making up some wort with the sole purpose of handing it out to aspiring homebrewers?  Well wake up Charlie, you and grandpa may well get your golden ticket to the chocolate factory.  Here's a copy of Boulevard's proposition to local homebrewers:

In honor of American Craft Beer Week, Boulevard Brewing Co. would like to celebrate the adventurous spirit of homebrewing that inspired our founder, John McDonald, to brew his first batches of beer over two decades ago. On Monday, May 13, we will brew a batch of beer with no intention of fermenting it ourselves.

Instead, we’ll open our doors on Tuesday, May 14, and share this wort with local homebrewers—all we’ll ask is they bring a finished product back and let us give it a try. We’ll then choose our favorite wort transformation recipe and invite the winner to come back and brew it again—but this time on our system.

Homebrewers who register early enough—the quantity of wort is extremely limited—will be assigned a time on Tuesday May 14 to stop by the brewery and fill one 5-gallon vessel from our wort tank. Brewers and other brewery staff will be on hand to say hello, pour you a sample in the tasting room and give you a discount on all gift shop purchases.
Wort will be extremely limited, and so you must register on this page—please note: submitting your information here does not guarantee we will be able to provide you wort this year. Registration cannot be completed in person or over the phone.

To sign up check out their website:

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