Tuesday, April 26, 2011

America's Outlaw Beer Reviewed

It's the breakfast of champions! 

If you're a fan of 98.9 The Rock, Jackyl, or went to Sturgis this year you most likely have heard of this beer.  This beer is contract brewed locally by Weston Brewing Company and was only available in Sturgis for the biker rally this year.  Now the outlaw if available right here in Kansas City!  This beer is a wheat beer meant to be easy drinking and to finish cleanly.  It poured with a nice head and was well carbonated.  The smell included a heavy dose of wheat and wheat only.  Nothing else was notable in the smell of the brew.  Now on to the taste, it was you guessed it wheat.  The taste reminded me of a giant bite of wheaties which in my book makes it the breakfast of champions.  The brew finishes very clean with a very slight hint of yeast flavor.  All and all there is not much flavor other than the dominating wheat taste.  If you're looking for a wheat beer to try this summer you might give this a shot for something different.  Gomer's Midtown and Gomer's South both said they had the American Outlaw, but it seems to be fairly limited at this time.

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