Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ever Wonder How to Homebrew?

It's easier than you think!  It's basically like making tea, you can make tea can't you?

First Step:

Visit  Author John Palmer has put his entire book on the internet to teach us how to brew.  It walks you through all aspects of brewing from simple extract brews to more complicated all grain brews.  Awesome website and thanks to Mr. Palmer it is free. 

Step Two:

Visit which is the local homebrew shop here in the KC area.  It is off of 67th and Nieman.  They have all the ingredients and supplies you will need to get started.  There is also a homebrew shop in Olathe  You can search the internet for online homebrew shops which will have everything you need as well.  The local shops are usually even in price when you factor in shipping so it's better to support local folks.  Bacchus has a rewards program where you get $20.00 back after you spend $200.00 so that's a bonus savings.

Step Three:

If you bought a recipe kit, that's it.  Get to brewing! 

If you are going to go your own route and concoct your own recipe then has a great free recipe calculator if you are going to go the all grain route.

 I also recommend Gregory Noonan's book, Designing Great Beers.  It is great recipe starting place for several styles outlined in the book.  It also has all the calculations you may use for recipe calculations. 

The BJCP guideline app for android is a great resource for beer style information.  You can get the online version at

See easy as tea.


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