Thursday, December 29, 2011

Boulevard Dances with the Reaper!

What can you expect when you see the grim reaper dancing with a shock of wheat?  I’m not sure either but I’m intrigued.  I don’t recall ever trying a wheat wine, now I’m doubly intrigued. 

The Harvest Dance poured with a mountain of head.  The head started to come out of the glass volcano style and I began to wonder if it was trying to kill me.  Could this literally be the grim reaper in beer form waiting to kill?  No, the head faded eventually and I could finally enjoy the body of the brew.  The nose had a phenol spice character with some wheat aroma playing along.  Initially you are hit with a thin and very dry body.  Some malt sweetness greets you up front but it is quickly taken over by a big dry middle.  The dry mouthfeel finishes with a spicy kick on the back of your palate.  As the brew warms, the malt character begins playing a substantial role in the flavor profile.  At its peak of complexity you get some wheaty malt sweetness, then a fruity character resembling pear or green apple, and finally the dry spicy kick finishes it out.

Overall this brew wasn’t bad once it warmed up a little.  Based on the wheat “wine” label, I was expecting a bit more in the way of malt complexity.  To summarize the grim reaper didn’t kill me but that shock of wheat haunted my dreams for days.  You have been warned!


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