Wednesday, December 28, 2011

FatCat of the Future!

Crappy Picture:  How me and the cousin prepare for the Christmas family get together.  No snowmen were harmed in the making of this photo.
In case you haven’t noticed the title image at the top of the blog it does mention, ” beer and BOURBON in and around Kansas City.”  Some of you may be asking yourself, WTF…I’ve never seen FatCat post about bourbon so what gives?  Bourbon is one of my other alcoholic passions and I intended to post bourbon reviews when I started this blog.  The thing is, I can read some other person’s review on a beer and understand what they are referring to when they talk about floral, earthy, grainy, etc.  This gives me some confidence that I’m not completely full of crap when it comes to reviewing beers.  Bourbon is a completely different animal.  I read reviews about bourbon and I can’t say that I taste the cherries, the molasses, the floral notes, etc.  The other problem is my bias towards 100+ proof bourbons.  I started my bourbon life by cutting my teeth on Wild Turkey 101.  Needless to say I’ve developed a preference for big and bad bourbons that punch you in the mouth.  Because of this, I rarely purchase bourbons less than 100 proof and will probably favor rougher bourbons that most connoisseurs would denounce.   With my inability to detect the delicate floral notes of a 100+ proof bourbon, I’ve been hesitant to post reviews on such.  I will now shed my chains of hesitancy and bless the world with my blatherings about the not so subtleties of bourbon.  With the caveat that I’m in no way an expert and I will in no way sound intelligent, I will begin sharing my bourbon tasting notes with you.  I might even organize a blind tasted bourbon shootout!  Hold on to your knickers kids this could get ugly.


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