Thursday, April 12, 2012

A FatCat Public Service Announcement

As a lady do you ever go out to bars and have nice gentleman offer to buy you drinks? Of course this gentleman has only the purest of intentions and is willing to entertain you on his dime from the goodness of his heart. Wait, you mean the gentleman is hoping to get you inebriated enough to make bad decisions? This couldn’t be, could it? Well a couple drinks couldn't hurt could it ladies?  A couple might be all it takes.  According to a research study this scenario appears to actually have some scientific validity.

Typically the term “beer goggles” is most associated with a condition that overindulgent males suffer from. But wondering minds and bar patrons want to know, do women suffer the same fate? To test this myth a study conducted by researchers at London’s Roehampton University involved more than 100 men and women in which they rate pairs of faces. Some were given beverages containing alcohol and others were given drinks without alcohol. The premise of the study was to have the study participants identify which faces were symmetrical and which were asymmetrical. Apparently symmetry is one of the major traits we use to measure the attractiveness of one person compared to another (I guess if you listen to those fancy mind doctors). Based on the results women were particularly bad at discerning between symmetrical and asymmetrical faces after consuming alcohol. There were no statistics given so I’m not sure how decisively the intoxicated women failed the symmetry test.

There you have it ladies, you like uglier (or at least less symmetrical) guys when you drink. So unless you want to meet the asymmetrical man of your dreams, it’s better not to hook up with people when you are drinking. I probably just saved your dating lives, you can thank me later.


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  1. "The more you drink, the better I look" is an age-old axiom, and equally applies to males and females.

  2. "Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder" is another, I wonder how many of them are out there?