Saturday, May 5, 2012

Big Brew 2012

Big Brew, Cinco De Mayo, and Super Moons oh my! With all this awesomeness focused on one day the results could be catastrophically fun! Big Brew is the first Saturday in May (today) set up by the American Homebrewers Association in pre-celebration of National Homebrew Day (May 7). Big brew is meant to help unite brewers around the country in celebration of homebrew and to help spread the word to the non-believers on how righteously kick ass homebrewing really is. The plan is to get together with your friends, family, or brew clubs and brew the same recipe as everyone else. This year’s recipe is for either an American Brown Ale or a Northern English Brown Ale. The exact recipes can be found on the AHA website. To further the camaraderie there is a toast set to happen at 12pm CDT. If you’re not brewing today you can head out to the local homebrew shop Bacchus and Barleycorn in Shawnee, KS as they will be brewing in their back lot. You’ll get a chance to see different equipment setups and meet with fellow homebrewers. I went last year and it was a lot of fun.

Looking for a great way to celebrate Cinco De Mayo after Big Brew? How about throwing together some beer battered fish tacos and mango salsa? I made these last year and they turned out amazing. I’m looking forward to pigging out and drinking some brew to celebrate this outstanding Saturday. As far as Mexican style beer recommendations, I would have to say Negra Modelo is my go-to Mexican brew. Other than that Pacifico is not too bad and if you want to be like Hellboy you can throw back a couple cans of Tecate.

As always be safe, be responsible, and have fun!


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