Thursday, February 28, 2013

Snogasm Part 2,3,and 4

I was in a very lonely place after the less than impressive fling with Dig and I was left yearning for some dirty hop play.  Last year I was able to wean myself off of Dig with Deschutes Red Chair.  Could Red Chair fill the void Dig couldn’t fill this year?  The short answer, no.  Red Chair started with the signature biscuit malt character up front which is supposed to lead you into wonderful hop character.  The wonderful hop character I so passionately remembered seemed very flat this year.  The bright citrus notes just weren’t there.  What is going on?  Where has all the hop flavor gone?

What could comfort me in my time of hoppy need?  I gathered up my broken heart and decided to take a chance.  There was a brew that was getting stellar reviews but I was worried that it had spent too much time on the shelf.  Could its hoppy goodness stand the test of time?  I made the leap of faith and snagged a sixer of Schlafly Tasmanian IPA and I finally found a worthy crush.  The aroma on this brew is big and citrusy.  It reminded of something familiar, what is it?  Orange juice?  Interesting.  Up front there is some simple malt sweetness that leads you into wonderful full mouth bitterness.  Just as the nose suggested the hop character erupts into mandarin orange and citrus flavors.  This exotic brew is just what the Dr ordered for my broken hop lovin’ heart. 

Although the Tasmanian IPA briefly quenched my thirst for hop love it wasn’t something I could see myself in a semi-long term relationship.  What could fill my deepest hoppy-est desires?  How about some sucks?  Wait, wait, that sounded a little dirty.  I meant Lagunitas Sucks.  Get your mind out of the gutter.  Three six packs later and this brew has filled my hop-relationship needs for 2013.  Sucks pours a surprisingly pale orange but explodes out of the glass with citrus/grapefruit aroma.  The first thing I noticed is the somewhat thin mouthfeel, more on this shortly.  The taste starts with a brief sweetness and then you are swept into hop bliss.  The bright crisp grapefruit notes are complemented by a slightly flora background.  The beginning sweetness and finishing bitterness blend beautifully creating perfect harmony.  I think the key to the success of this brew is how the thinner mouthfeel provides the perfect background to highlight the bright citrus character of the hops.  Another dangerous facet to Sucks' arsenal is how the thin mouthfeel lends to an incredibly dangerous drinkability.  Yes sir may I have 4 more please?  Sucks has done it!  You are FatCat's love affair for 2013.  When past flings failed to excite, you were the one that brought the magic back to the bedroom..hmmm...I mean the Spiegelau glass.


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