Thursday, October 6, 2011

Homebrew receiving unintended props?

I was commuting to work this morning when I noticed a sign that caught my attention. It was an advertisement on the side of a Nichols Group Building displaying what appeared to be an Erlenmeyer flask, boiling contents, and the slogan “Startup Weekend”. This image and slogan immediately reminded me of a yeast starter used in homebrewing. (A yeast starter is a very small batch of beer used to grow additional yeast before adding it to the main large batch of beer.)

I pondered the possibility of the homebrew reference for a moment and concluded the building did not look like it had anything to do with brewing. The irony made me chuckle. It turns out Startup Weekend is a 54 hour event which focuses on building a web or mobile application which could form the basis of a credible business over the course of a weekend. Maybe one of the organizers is a homebrewer and wanted to sneak some homebrew props into the promotional material. Either way it brought a glimmer of joy to this beer geek at 6:00am in the morning on the streets of KCMO.

For official information on the Kansas City Startup Weekend check out their website.


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