Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Maniacal Cucapa Chupacabras Pale Ale

Now that I’m on the canned craft brew band wagon here comes another one.  This time it’s Cucapa Chupacabras Pale Ale.  This Mexican brewed beer starts off with some wicked graphics on the can.  It is definitely one of the coolest labels I’ve seen.  The question is, would the liquid inside hold up to the righteously kick ass graphics?  We’re about to find out.

The brew poured with a substantial white head setting on top of a golden bath of malty goodness.  The nose bellows malty sweetness with notes of caramel and vanilla.  This is where the strange journey of Chupacabras begins.  Did I smell bourbon barrel aging?  Wow, a barrel aged pale ale… from Mexico… in a can… could it be?  Certainly smelled like it.  Onward!  With excitement I threw back a swig of the brew to further investigate my barrel aged theory.  The taste is dominated by delicious malt character which gives way to caramel notes in the middle of the palate.  Wait a minute, there it is again.  Its the smokey oaky character that tormented me earlier.  My exact tasting note is “ganarley”.  Bitterness is in a supporting role and definitely not the star of the show.  The finish is fairly sweet but the mouthfeel is thin enough to keep it within the Pale Ale genre.  The smoked/oak character persists to the finish and gets stronger as the brew warms.  This is one of the most unique pale ales that I’ve tasted.  All the flavors play nicely together and after your done you look around to figure out what just happened.  Awesome!

The Chupacabras delivers!  Is this seriously a barrel aged pale ale?  To the bat cave batman.  I searched the web and the Cucapa website and there is no mention of any barrel aging.  Was this some super special Mexican hop character that I am not aware of that I’m mistaking for barrel aging?  Was this a deliciously infected brew of which fate was gracious enough to cross my path with?  Or was it simply some smoked malt thrown in to add complexity?  Whatever the case the Chupacabras was fantastic.  I only had one of these in my build my own sixer so I couldn’t try and recreate my experience.  I haven’t noticed it at the liquor store since my initial purchase so I haven’t had a second can.  I’m keeping my eyes peeled and if the second can is as captivating as the first this will be an epic brew for sure.



  1. Where did you find it? Did someone send it to you, or is it something that can be picked up locally?

    Many thanks.

  2. I got it the first time at Tipsy's Mission, KS with their build your own six pack. I haven't "noticed" it since, but that doesn't mean it's not there. It at least wasn't in the build a six pack cooler when I looked. It should be available locally unless it was a special release which I doubt. Happy Hunting!