Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Estrella Damm Inedit

This was a suggested brew from my friend Adam. After searching I finally found this one at Tipsy’s. They have since moved it out on the shelf and should be easy to find. So, without further adieu.

Inedit is a craft brew dressed in wine clothing. Everything about the appearance of this bottle screams class. There are no labels that advertise this as a beer, and the lines of the bottle are distinctly not craft beery (yes it’s a word). The design of this brew’s packaging allows it to fly below the radar and be an acceptable sight in fine dining situations. No one would really question that this isn’t a wine or some other welcome accompaniment at a fancy table. On the flip side being the rugged craft brew lover that I am, I most likely would not have purchased this without Adam’s recommendation. It is not really my cup of tea, the fancy thing. I tried to join the high class one time but they wouldn’t answer the door.

Getting past the strikingly handsome packaging of this brew, does this beer deliver the goods? Inedit poured with a straw color and light fluffly white head. Yes, I know wine does not have bubbles, but even in glass this beer reminds me of a wine. Perhaps it’s just remnants of the fancy bottle playing tricks with my judgment, but the brilliantly clear brew just reminded me of a glass of wine. Inedit is very light and fruity in the nose. The taste is very light and delicate in taste with hints of grapefruit, coriander, and orange peel. These tastes intensify as the brew warms. Inedit plays the role of a mellowed out, super smooth, Belgian Wit very well.

In reading the little booklet attached to the bottle neck this beer was supposed to provide a perfect pairing with fine foods. It was specifically designed for this purpose and even pairs with “hard to pair” dishes. I found this to be marketing jibberish because I think you could probably find beers to pair with any of the “hard to pair” dishes that they mentioned. The light smooth taste of Inedit is definitely conducive to pairing with foods, but their packaging is the real reason Inedit would be considered in the fine dining realm. With that being said, I really wish I had saved Inedit to enjoy with a nice dinner. I think it would go really well with fish or alfredo pasta.

Overall, I really liked this beer and would recommend it to anyone. I will be adding it to FatCat’s Epic Brews list so check it out. Again, it is very delicate in taste but very distinctive at the same time. Perhaps I enjoyed this so much because it gave my palate a break from all the IPAs and Imperial Stouts I’ve been subjecting it to. But either way it’s delicious. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to host a classy meal for a date or a celebration at home. Inedit would fit in nicely. And remember, if anyone knows class its FatCat!


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  1. I'm not able to upload photos for some reason, I'll upload photos of the bottle and brew as soon as I can. Thanks for reading.