Monday, June 6, 2011

Mikkeller Big Worse Barleywine

This review has been waiting on deck for a while so here goes.  I've recently been interested in Mikkeller brews but usually the sticker shock scares me off.  Regardless of price, I'm definitely glad I picked this one up.

The Big Worse poured with a very brief head.  The nose was loaded with huge malt and even bigger alcohol.  The smell really reminded me of a bourbon barrel'd imperial stout I tried from Stone when they toured through Missouri.  Interestingly enough this was not a bourbon barrel aged brew.  The taste was huge with malt character and had a very thick mouthfeel.  It was on the sweet side with minimal hop presence in the smell or taste.  This is a brew that pushes the limits of what you expect beer to be.  It almost ventures into the realm of brandy with it's boozy sweetness.  This brew would make a perfect dessert beer.  After a decadent meal this would follow perfectly as the closer.  Next time you plan a steak dinner at home, this beer will make a wonderful dessert.

This beer has been added to FatCat's Almost Epic list.  It didn't make the Epic list because it's probably a little to big for the uninitiated craft brew lover, therefore I could not recommend it to anyone.

Mikeller was formed by two homebrewers that have attained international recognition.  What is interesting is they are considered gipsy brewers.  They do not have there own facility but instead travel to different breweries in Denmark, Europe, and the United States to make their beers.  To learn more about their brew check them out here at

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