Friday, January 27, 2012

Big Bad Big Eddy

9.5% ABV

This is one of the beers that was unofficially involved in the Imperial Stout Tournament of Death.  I really liked it’s unique character and wanted to give it a shot when my head wasn’t swimming in 4 other imperial stouts.  Big Eddy all by its lonesome, how did it fare?

Big Eddy poured with minimal head and black as night body.  There was a very dark nose with licorice and dark fruit playing around.  The mouthfeel on Big Eddy was nice and thick giving a chewy feel to it.  The brew starts with brief sweetness and heads straight for the dark side.  The dark side is actually quite tasty it turns out.  As I mentioned earlier, Big Eddy has an almost smoky quality to it.  I didn’t describe is as much smoky in this tasting as I would call it dark sugar/fruit character.  Dark Plums are a good way to describe the character in this brew.  With most other stouts the sweetness is light on the tongue, but with this brew it is dark and heavy.  The heaviness lightens a bit on the finish with some noticeable bitterness.  When you swallow you get a hit of bitterness, some persisting dark fruit character, and then the bitterness comes back lingering slightly.  Big Eddy is for real my friends.  This thing is a beast and I can’t wait to put some age on it. 


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