Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Plan E in Action

It appears we've made it through Chocolate Ale day without anyone fist fighting each other or getting pepper sprayed.  Based on some of the local store's posts to their Facebook pages, things got a little testy.  Over at KCBeerblog their was some back and forth in the comments section as well.  Lets keep in mind this is just beer (and its not even an Imperial Stout).  We share a common interest and we should celebrate that.  The other point I wanted to bring up is to take this time (hunting for Chocolate Ale) to buy a new brew at your local store.  If you will be venturing out to a local pub in the coming weeks for Chocolate Ale, take the opportunity to try something new while you're there.  As we're celebrating craft brew we should be courteous to our servers and store personnel.

I didn't get any Chocolate Ale today but relaxed instead with a White Russian.  Well kind of.  I arrived home from work and prepared to mix me up a Caucasian.  I overlooked the fact I didn't have any Kahlua...EPIC FAIL.  Improvising, I broke open my last bottle of Sam Adams Black and Brew as a Kahlua substitute.  This didn't turn out very well and I wouldn't recommend it.  Nonetheless it was a fitting end to the day.


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