Sunday, January 8, 2012

Deschutes is Missing!

We've waited and waited and waited for Deschutes to finally distribute to our area.  Our distribution dates have been pushed back several times building huge anticipation.  I've visited their website drooling over their brews.  Obsidian Stout, The Abyss, Hop Henge, Mirror Mirror, Hop in the Dark, and the list goes on.  We finally get a promising lead from that Deschutes will FINALLY distribute.  I overlooked the fact the Beernews article mentioned we will only be receiving Black Butte and Mirror Pond.  I did however remember the article mentions we will be getting limited supplies of Black Butte XXIII, The Stoic, and The Abyss.  When the word comes last week that Deschutes is finally distributing, reality smacks me in the face.  I realize we are only getting the Black Butte and Mirror Pond in regular distribution.  No Abyss and no Obsidian Stout now.  DAMN IT!  I understand their are business considerations completely above my comprehension level involved in entering a new distribution area, but am I the only one that feels snubbed by this offering from Deschutes?  I mean we've been pushed back so many times I feel that this distribution is anticlamactic.  Hopefully this is a premature rant and we will soon get a larger selection.  Either way I want my damn stouts!

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