Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chocolate Ale vs Big Foot!

A big hubbub has been brewing in town for Boulevard’s re-release of its Chocolate Ale. The buzz has reached the national level as several articles have been published on Beernews.org discussing the distribution of Chocolate Ale. There was even an article written to explain the proper etiquette on craft brew hunting for the uninitiated. Boulevard has created the perfect publicity storm: the release is close to Valentine’s Day; the collaboration of two local businesses creates a bond with local consumers; local media has given this brew great exposure; almost everyone loves chocolate which expands the consumer base; Chocolate is listed before Ale so people forget it’s beer (I kid, I kid). For whatever reason this is one of the only craft brews able to transcend the ranks of beer geeks and stir anticipation in the general population. People not usually “hunting” seem to be joining the ranks and preparing for the battle of Chocolate Ale Day. A friend of mine said there were over 100 people on “The List” at a local store. Put on your helmets kids this could get messy. Boulevard has ramped up production for the 2012 release in an attempt to meet the demand. Along with increased production, this year’s recipe has even more chocolate in it. Chocolate Ale Day seems to be slated for February 1st. If you aren’t lucky enough to score a bottle of Chocolate Ale, never fear, I’ll be posting a Chocolate Ale Day contingency plan.

Another release set to ship within the next week is Sierra Nevada Big Foot barleywine. Beernews.org reports the ship date has been set for January 30th and it should be arriving in our area in the not so distant future. Big Foot is one of those brews inherently burned into beer geek’s brains when they think of barleywine. I’m excited about getting my hands on some fresh Big Foot and enjoying the hop character as it punches me in the face.

This begs the question-who would win in a fight to the death, Chocolate Ale or Big Foot?
Prison rules apply of course.


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