Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Milk Mustache...Brewmaster Beard.

A common theme that keeps popping up is brewmasters and facial hair. I remember reading a forum thread about this topic on BeerAdvocate and now there's a blog post from Beer & The blog post itself seems to be outdated but I thought it was pretty cool. It is a photo documentary of some of the craft beer industries brewers and their facial hair. I can say I’m already full on mountain man these days and it seems to be helping my brewing (clears throat) Baltic Porter. Now if I could just get my assistant brewer to sport some face fuzz we could take over the world…waahahaha. I don’t think it is going to happen so everyone is safe for now. You can’t deny the power of the beard, just look at the Sam Adams commercials. You have all these clean-shaven nancy boys (sorry Dad) rambling about beer but you still have doubts about their credibility. Then the brewer with the giant beard starts talking about Sam Adams, and you become a believer.

Here are some other reasons why righteous facial hair is awesome:

1. Makes you look tough, duh

2. People stop asking you for change on the street

3. Salesman don’t pester you at stores

4. The beer never gets to your shirt if you miss your mouth

5. You can land a gig as a stunt double for Chuck Norris.

6. Your face isn’t as cold in the winter

7. It’s like a mullet from the front and everyone knows how kick ass mullets are!

8. You can frighten small children

9. It gives you beer drinking super powers

Check out the blog post over at Beer &


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