Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Roasty Toasty Schlafly Schwarzbier

I remember reading about this brew months ago licking my chops in anticipation.  The release finally came to our area and has been here for a couple months.  I’m still seeing it on the store shelves so you should be able to find some of this delicious seasonal brew. 

I had big anticipation for this brew as black lagers/schwarzbiers are quickly becoming one of my favorite styles.  They have the roasted malt character of a stout without the big thick mouthfeel i.e. they are highly drinkable.  Think of it as a diet stout.  The Schlafly pours with a good two fingered off-white head.  Initially there is a prominent roasted nose that gives way to a burnt chocolate aroma.  The mouthfeel is medium in thickness but has a good soft body to it.  Although I did note a medium mouthfeel this brew does have a chewy quality.  The brew starts with a bit of bread and grain up front.  The graininess blends nicely with the roasted malt character in the middle of the palate.  A smoky character then kicks in and lasts into the finish.  The smokiness is there but does not go overboard.  This brew is very drinkable for such a dark/roasted style. 

My anticipation of this brew was rewarded handsomely.  This brew is awesome and might give Sam Adams Black Lager a run for its money.  I also snagged a couple of other Black Lagers I'll be reviewing shortly.



  1. Have you ever tried Köstritzer? It's probably the best German example you can find around here, as long as it hasn't been sitting on the shelves too long.

  2. No I haven't tried that one. Where do you usually find it? I was thinking about comparing the Schlafly, Sam Adams Black Lager, and I got a new Black Lager (from Magic Hat I think) in a tasting. I was wondering if there are any others, thanks for the suggestion. Do you know of any others?