Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sam Adams Irish Red

This brew is an old stand-by for me, it’s not flashy but it is awesome nonetheless. The Irish Red pours a nice deep red color with a quickly dissipating head roosted on top. The nose is packed with grainy sweet aroma giving hint to the malt character waiting for you in the glass. This brew relies on it’s sweetness to get the job done and it delivers. It starts with a bit of raw sweetness but then light caramel begins dancing on the palate. The caramel then blends with a little brown sugar in the middle of the palate. A subtle bitterness emerges towards the finish that brings balance to the overall character of the brew. If you really hunt you can pick up a bit of earthy hop character blending with the grainy sweetness. The thing that sells me on this brew is how well the caramel character is done. The caramel character is there but is restrained without being overbearing or too sweet.

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