Sunday, February 19, 2012

What is so great about KC anyway?

Beyond a shot and a beer for friendly drinks in K.C. –Chicago Tribune

I ran across this article the other day and meant to throw it up on the blog.  Of course I’m a very busy person and forgot…that is until now!  I thought it was pretty cool that our local drinking scene was being recognized by a large market like Chicago.  The even cooler part is that we are being recognized for being laid back and friendly.  I think this is a testament to the great people that participate in the scene around here.  The owners and operators are in it for the right reasons and not just to cash in on people's passions.  The consumers in KC are passionate about their drinks and love to share them with others.  That is what makes craft brew what it is.  I love the taste of beer, but the real enjoyment is discussing brew with my friends.  Even better is to share brew with friends.  I think craft brew/cocktails/fine spirits are one of the few sources of mutual camaraderie in our ever increasingly stressful and busy society.  Thanks to all the brewers, store employees, servers, and to everyone in general for your dedication and passion in our local market.


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