Thursday, September 29, 2011

FatCat Brew Day: Mighty Munich Dunkel

I'm about halfway into brew day here looking to turn out a Munich Dunkel.  WTF is a Muchich Dunkel?  Turns out to be a good question because I didn't know either.  I thought it was basically a lager version of a stout (ale).  However when I did some research for my recipe it turns out to be something slightly different.  A heavy roasted character is forbidden from this style which would end the comparisons to a stout right there.  It appears to closely resemble an Oktoberfest with the exception of a darker, maltier taste.  A maltier Oktoberfest?  Sign me up!  Well here goes nothing.  Looking at the examples given from the BJCP guide, nothing jumps out as familiar.  This gives more credence to the fact you can homebrew stuff that you just might not find at the store.  With the obscure Roggenbier down, we are moving on to another obscure style, the Munich Dunkel.  Darker, maltier Oktoberfest anyone?


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