Saturday, September 17, 2011

Belgian School - Founder's Blushing Monk

12.3% ABV

Blushing Monk is the first release this year in Founder's Back Stage Series.  First released in 2007 it has been four years since anyone has seen this brew on store shelves.  I personally have never experienced this brew before but when I stumbled upon it I couldn't resist trying it.  Fruit beers aren't usually my cup of tea so I approaced this tasting with a bit of apprehension.  In addition to the Raspberry character this is supposed to be a belgian style ale.  This should fit in nicely with FatCat's Belgian School right?  Well let's find out.

The Raspberry aroma immediately leaps from the bottle after the cap is popped.  Alcoholic Capri Sun anyone?  The Monk pours a dark red with a bright red head posted on top of the brew.  The raspberry aroma that was abundant out of the bottle is just as dominant in the glass.  All your senses are indicating you are about to partake in the consumption of raspberry juice with the beer nerd part of your brain wondering if there is any beer in there at all.  The mouthfeel is fairly thick for a Belgian style ale with some residual malt sweetness in the background.  The taste starts with deep fruit raspberry character and ends with some sourness.  The fruit/raspberry character is clearly dominating the taste profile but is supported somewhat adequately by the malt profile.  This is a Belgian Style right?  Ok palate start earning your money where is the Belgian?  If you really concentrate on the taste the Belgian yeast character appears in the distant background.  It is not a dominant trait in the flavor profile but can be experienced if you hunt for it.  The sourness does subside a bit and some additional malt character begins poking through as the brew warms. 

This is another one of those brews that pushes the limits on what can actually be considered beer.  It is completely dominated by the raspberry character and is fairly absent of traditional beer characteristics
(yeast,hops, etc.).  With all of that being said, to my surprise I thouroughly enjoyed this brew. 

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