Friday, September 16, 2011

Medal of Honor Homebrew

I've been following the story of Dakota Meyer and his receipt of the Medal of Honor for a few days.  It turns out he is the first living Marine in 38 years to receive the Medal of Honor.  According to the articles I've read he received the commendation after his actions while serving in Afghanistan.  A group of soldiers were stationed in a village where they were training Afghans to serve in the military.  The Taliban ambushed the site from a nearby mountainside pinning down both Afghans and US military with gunfire.  Meyer made several requests to his superiors to enter and assist in the conflict but was denied.  Meyer and Staff Sgt. Juan Rodriguez-Chavez took it upon themselves to drive an armored Humvee into the battle to assist.  They rescued 36 people before air support finally arrived.  Unfortunately five of Meyer's fellow Marines perished in the conflict.  Meyer was injured by shrapnel during the rescue.  Chavez received the Navy Cross for his part in the rescue.

When the Whitehouse contacted Meyer to arrange the Medal of Honor ceremony, Meyer requested to have a beer with the President.  President Obama obliged the request and met with Meyer over beers the day before the ceremony.  Those two meeting over beers brings back that sense of old school camaraderie that I think is dwindling quickly in America.  It seems the days are gone where people shared their days over a mug of beer and actually gave a damn about each other.  This leads to FatCat's thoughts of the day, "Slow down, smell the hops and share some brew".  

Over at Beer and Whiskey Bros the questioned was asked, "What kind of beer was it?".  After some detective work it turns out it was the White House's homebrewed Honey Blonde Ale.  Chalk one up for homebrew!

In light of this national beer sharing show of camaraderie, if you know someone who has served in the military show your appreciation by sharing a beer with them.


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