Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sam Adams Tasman Red IPA

6.75% ABV

The first Sam Adams small batch was a homerun.  Can Sammy keep up the momentum and beat the phenomenal brew inappropriately named “Double IPA”?  Next up is the Tasman Red.  According to the label it features Topaz and Galaxy hops from Tasmania.  If that doesn’t peak your curiosity I don’t know what will.

The Tasman Red pours with a huge fluffy head and lives up to it’s namesake with a nice dark red complexion.  The nose is spicy earth with some citrus notes.  The brew starts with decent hop bitterness and then…and then…and then.  That’s about it with this one.  The malt is a side note and doesn’t stand out at all.  The bitterness is mellow but does have some interesting earthy cinnamon character.  Normally I praise balance in beer but this one is almost balanced to the point of non-existence.  The hop character is notable but overall this brew is rather uneventful, especially for a limited release. 


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