Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weston's Festival Ale

Weston is one brewery I really really want to love.  It’s a cool local brewer with an even cooler dungeon bar.  Unfortunately, most of my experience with Weston brews is so-so at best.  With my recent discovery of Little Lucy, I have some renewed faith in Weston Brewing Co. so I decided to pick up a sixer of the Festival Ale.  One positive for Weston is the affordability of its offerings.  Festival Ale at $7.00 a six-pack is definitely easy on the wallet, not to mention Brown Ales are quickly becoming one of my favorite beer styles.  Seems like a no brainer. 

Festival Ale pours with a nice creamy one finger head.  The nose is typical brown ale with good malt aroma and slight hints of dull molasses.  The mouthfeel is medium thick bordering on being creamy but not quite.  The taste matches the nose verbatim with good malt character.  The Festival sports the typical brown ale flavor with a fair amount of sweetness and a somewhat acidic finish.  It has notes of light brown sugar with some graininess in the middle.  This is a solid brew but is rather lack luster.  I think this brew would benefit from either increased hop character or increased malt complexity.  It just seems rather one dimensional for me.  The Festival Ale is a good “filler” beer.  A “filler” beer is the less interesting beers I drink in between my bigger more complex beers.  With that being said, this is one of my favorites on the filler list.  If you need something to drink in between your Expedition Stout or Breakfast Stout grab a six of Festival Ale.


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