Monday, March 19, 2012

HOPS! 2012!

The first hops of the year…well sprouts!  I decided to check this morning if any of the hop plants had sprouted and boy was I surprised.  It is apparent that all three of my hop plants have survived our mild winter and are ready to rock and roll.  The Cascade was growing everywhere, almost to the point of being a bush.  The Hallertau had sprouted but to a much lesser extent than the Cascade.  The in-ground Centennial had several sprouts popping up but again not to the extent of the Cascade.  This mirrors the activity I experienced last year, Cascade growing like a weed, Hallertau being finicky, and Centennial somewhere in between.  I failed at trimming back the old vines from last year so I was trying to hurry to accomplish this before work.  The Cascades were the only ones long enough to kink their vines and that I did…DOHHHH!  I’ve come to the conclusion I’m much too lazy to be a good gardener.  I trimmed back the hop plants to all but two sprouts to each plant.  Hopefully this will build a couple strong vines as opposed to growing a bush like I did last year (the lazy thing again).  This year is off to a roaring start but Vegas has it 20 to 1 that this summer is going to be a bitch and kill my plants.  Until further adieu.     

Cascade growing like no other

Hallertau ehhh?

Go Centennial Go!

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