Sunday, March 4, 2012

I Win! One to Nothin'?

A few weeks ago I called on the beer geeks of Kansas City for a review of the Left Hand Ambidextrous at the Flying Saucer.  Apparently a review of the Ambidextrous is CIA protected information because no one responded with a review.  I remained vigilant in my Ambidextrous hunt and I was rewarded handsomely.  Waldo Pizza finally tapped their keg of Amby the other day.  When I heard the news I jumped off my shrimp boat and ran to Waldo (you know Forest Gump-like).  I’m not afraid to leak a little tasting information so here goes. 

The brew came out as a 12oz pour in a giant snifter meaning Waldo Pizza is freakin’ awesome!  The Amby was black as expected with a quickly receding head.  The nose was fairly subdued with a touch of oak and some malt aroma peaking through.  The mouthfeel on this one was fairly thin for what I expected but added to the drinkability factor.  Initially this brew is balanced up front without any big booze or sweetness.  The oak character starts caressing the taste buds in the middle of the palate.  The brew finishes with a good semi-sweet chocolate flavor.  The chocolate lingers slightly in the aftertaste and is accompanied by a bit of bitterness.  A bit of booziness creeps in as the brew warms and compliments the chocolate character nicely.  The Ambidextrous is very well balanced and hits all the right notes; oak, chocolate, bitterness.  It’s not over the top with any one note but is blended very well.  The Amby is basically Firestone Parabola’s little brother.  Super Dave said they were out of the Ambidextrous as of yesterday so if you didn’t get it, you’re out of luck. 


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