Thursday, August 11, 2011

2011 FatCatKC Barelywine Shootout!

It's time to separate the men from the boys with this one.  Barleywines are quickly becoming one of my favorite beer styles, so it seemed natural to gather six of them together and drink them back to back.  What could go wrong?  I've left good bye notes with my loved ones and picked the epitaph for my gravestone, "He was just here a minute ago."  Stay tuned for the aftermath to follow.

Anchor Old Foghorn

Founder's Old Curmudgeon

Bells Third Coast Old Ale

Schlafly Reserve Oaked-Aged Barleywine

Great Divide Old Ruffian

Avery Hog Heaven


  1. Old Curmudgeon is an Old Ale, not a Barleywine... Might not stack up very well to the likes of Old Ruffian!

  2. American Barleywine that is...

  3. Yeah I considered that. I did some research and most agree that the differences between Barelywine and Old Ale are in the semantics. Old Ale is the old school term for today's barleywines as I understand it. Granted, the American barleywine is more highly hopped than an Old Ale or an English barleywine but we'll let them duke it out. Should be interesting tasting the different variations of barleywine/old ale back to back.

  4. indeed, i'm interested to read about the outcome of the shootout!