Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Belgian School - Trappist Rochefort 10

11.3% ABV

After my initial disappointment in the first lesson of Belgian School I had my doubts about these Belgians.  Had I finally met a style of craft brew that I didn't like?  Had I passed my craft beer climax (giggity) rendering my palate inoperable against new styles of craft?  I said my prayers to the beer gods begging for savior and popped open the Trappistes Rochefort 10.  The Rochefort 10 is ranked #22 on BeerAdvocates top 100 beers and is ranked the #2 Belgian Quad. 

It seems that my prayers have been answered because this is one righteous brew.  It pours with a quickly receding head that gives way to malt and caramel aroma.  The smell was awesome, begging you to dive into the goblet head first.  I obliged the invitation and dove in.  This brew was absolutely delicious with solid malt character and deep caramel notes.  The thin mouthfeel and sweet finish lend to dangerous drinkability.  It is very fitting that this brew is associated with monks because this has to be made with holy water.  I have thrown around the term "elixir of the gods" before but this is the real deal.  I have seen the light my friends and I'm back on the Belgian path to enlightenment. 

Go ahead dive in!

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