Thursday, August 18, 2011

FatCat Brew Day: Oktoberfest

Although many companies have already released their Oktoberfest "seasonals", the FatCat is just starting.  I know I'm late since it's a month and a half until October but I hope everyone can forgive me for not having it ready in August.  Since its a brisk 91 degrees out I can tell Fall is just around the corner.  Don't worry I'm hurrying to get the Fatcat Oktoberfest ready for the masses.  In a couple of months (you know in OCTOBER) we'll put the FatCat brew up against some other Oktoberfests in a shootout.  Stay tuned.



  1. As a fellow homebrewer, I would be interested in the details of the recipe. Maybe you could include it when you do the shoot out?

  2. Greetings fellow homebrewer! All of my recipes are at Search under brewers for FatCat. It will have all of my recipes and should be easy to print them out.

    3 lbs German Pale
    3 lbs Vienna Malt
    3 lbs Munich Malt
    1 lb Biscuit
    .5 lbs Crystal 60L
    .5 lbs Crystal 120L
    1oz Hallertau Mittelfruh leaf 60mins
    1oz Tettnanger leaf 15 mins 23.2 IBU
    1.060 O.G. (a bit high for style, but go big!)
    Wyeast Octoberfest

    Any other specific questions about the process feel free to ask.

  3. I updated the Homebrew Stuff page with a direct link to my recipes on hopville. That should make it easier to find.


  4. Thanks for the follow up, much appreciated! That is going to be a nice, rich beer, just the way I like my Oktoberfest.