Sunday, August 21, 2011

Belgian School - Doodle Dubble

The second lesson of Belgian School re-ignited my interest and confidence that I can enjoy Belgians.  Next in line for Belgian School is the local brew Doodle Dubbel.  Can it keep up the momentum and count itself as one of the best Belgians in the world?  Well we're about to find out. 

Doodle Brewing Company is operated out of Liberty, MO by Nick Vaughn.  The companies sole brew is the Doodle Dubbel and is offered on the Missouri side of the line.  I like to refer to this brew as the "Dood" and I will address it as such from here on out.  The Dood arrives on scene with moderate head,  it's not overly carbonated but persists nicely.  The nose is dominated by big yeast aroma giving way to some sweet malt smell.  The aromas incited a flashback of super yeasty brews that have been haunting my dreams.  I paused briefly to send a prayer to the beer gods asking them to spare me from another yeasty prune juice, amen.  With the beer gods blessings, I took a swig of the Dood and was pleasantly surprised.  It definatley had a significant yeast character but the yeast balanced nicely with the malt sweetness.  There were caramel notes with muted dark fruit character hiding in the background.  All the tastes were balanced well without any aspect overpowering the others.  The Dood finished dry and was very refreshing for a Belgian.  Overall I liked this brew much better than the Ommengang Abbey Ale (also a Dubbel).  I am pleased I liked this brew so much, not just because I found another Belgian I actually like, but because it's from a small local company.  As I mentioned in the Ommengang review, it's ranked number 5 on Beeradvocate so the Dood has taken down some high level competion.

As I posted this blog entry some guys grabbed me and threw me in the back of a car as I exclaimed, "Careful man there's a beverage here."  They began to interrogate me on how I could choose the Dood over the Ommnegang.  To that I said, "You're not privy to the new shit. So uh, you know, but that's what you pay me for."

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