Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sierra Nevada Summerfest

This review has been on deck for a while so here goes. I was perusing the interwebs a while back and found some kind words regarding Sierra Nevada’s seasonal offering Summerfest. I stored the info in my brain bank for safekeeping and for recall at a later date. Well my beer soaked memory pulled through and I recognized the Summerfest at Tipsy’s build your own six-pack cooler. One thing lead to another and I was going home with a Summerfest. As a side note, building six packs is now my preferred method of buying beer (other than buying bombers of Imperial Stouts) and would recommend this strategy to other aspiring beer Yodas.

The Summerfest poured with a mountain of head perched overhead. It was well carbonated as would be expected of the style. There was not much happening in the nose department other than some faint malt aroma poking through. I dove into the brew was met with supreme delicacy. A very mild malt character rounded out to the delicate finish. Bitterness was only used to balance the malt and left the brew without any detectable hop character. There was no indication on the label that wheat was used in the brew but for some reason it automatically reminded me of a mild summertime wheat beer. Overall, this was a very refreshing beer without any dominating aspects. Although its primary attribute is mildness, I thoroughly enjoyed this brew and would buy it again next year. This is outside the “norm” of FatCat’s preferences but this could be another case of an abused palate enjoying a gentler offering. Although Summer is trying to hold on for as long as it can, Fall is just around the corner. Summer beers will soon be a distant memory as we combat the cold with thick potent brew. So let us embrace our memories of summer beer before it’s too late, and to hopefully get FatCat caught up on his summer beer reviews.


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