Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weston's Little Lucy Hot Pepper Ale

I’ve searched high and low for a comparable brew to Flat Branch’s (Columbia, MO) Green Chili beer. Up until this point I have been largely disappointed with all the other pepper beers I’ve tried and was to the point of surrender. But our partners to the North, Weston Brewing Company, pulled through and introduced Little Lucy’s Hot Pepper Ale. Based on my past failed purchases I hesitated to invest in an entire 6-pack of the pepper ale.  However, fueled by my quest for great pepper beers I committed and brought home my bounty. Would my gamble pay off? Lets find out!

Little Lucy poured with a very brief head. The aromas began immediately leaping from the glass and into the atmosphere. There was very distinctive pepper character in the nose that filled the whole room with its delicious aroma. The smell was very inviting but intimidating at the same time. Risking the cauterization of my palate, I took a swig of the potential pepper spray. The taste initiates with some slight malt sweetness and then sweeps you into the red zone. It’s was not that hot at first, but as everyone who likes hot stuff knows it’s the post-swallow that will get you. So I waited and braced myself for the heat. The heat came but was very manageable, no watering eyes or sweaty brows. It definitely has a kick in the heat department but has a very good pepper flavor with it. The hot pepper character was the star of the show and is what made this brew great.  I've updated this to FatCat's Epic Brews at the top of the page.  Check it out!

As a warning, it’s been a long time since I’ve had Flat Branch’s Green Chile Beer so I have to base any comparison off of aged memories. With that being said, I think I like the Little Lucy as much or dare I say more than Flat Branch’s. Little Lucy is definitely hotter than I remember Flat Branch’s being but both have outstanding pepper/chili character blended perfectly into the brew. For anyone who has never tried pepper beer the idea of peppers and heat in beer is rather off putting. If you like peppers and hot foods normally, then give Little Lucy and/or Flat Branch Green Chili beer (if you’re in Columbia, MO) a chance. The only reason I tried Flat Branch’s Green Chili beer is that it was included in their sampler. After the sampler, I liked it so much that I ordered a 16oz draw of Green Chili beer and set myself on a quest to find something comparable in the KC metro area. As a word of caution, the Little Lucy is best consumed in conjunction with a meal as the pepper/heat will make a great complement to any type of Mexican dish or grilled fare. The other reason to drink Little Lucy with a meal is the liquid heat is a bit upsetting to an empty stomach.

I know what you’re thinking…but come on man, how can you be scared of something named Little Lucy?



  1. Never had this one, nice to hear a good comment about Weston for once! I've had Twisted Pine's Billy's Chillies before, it was good for the style. I'm not a huge hot pepper beer fan, but check it out sometime, it might be right up your alley! http://twistedpinebrewing.com/blog/?page_id=64

  2. Yeah I hope Weston experiments some more to get some new stuff in their line up. I really want to like them but haven't been overly impressed until Little Lucy. Cool place to hang out though when you're down in the dungeon.

    Is Twisted Pine available in KS or MO?

  3. Twisted Pine is Available in Missouri only, and I believe only at Lukas Liquor in Martin City! I'll have to give the Little Lucy a go sometime...

  4. "Party Place Liquor Store" in Kearney MO sells this stuff. I had tried jalapeno flavored beer a few years back and remembered it to be delicious. This beer is just as good as I remembered it to be. It's not "spicy" per say, but it definitely has the aftertaste of a mild pepper. This is my new favorite beer.

  5. Hi-Vee carries these and they are absolutely delicious. Sweet and flavorful and with a little heat. It is my new favorite beer as well.

  6. I found this wonderful beer at a Gomer's near me last year. Fell in love with the taste and then they stopped carrying it. Would love to find someone who stocks it in Kansas City. Anyone know?