Thursday, May 5, 2011

Big Brew 2011

KCworthog has a good post with the information regarding the American Homebrew Associations Big Brew 2011.  Basically Big Brew a day for homebrewers to celebrate by brewing a certain beer recipe with fellow homebrewers and raising a toast at 12pm.  Bacchus & Barleycorn along with the Kansas City Bier Meisters are sponsoring a Big Brew event in the parking lot behind Bacchus.  Below is the information provided from Bacchus & Barlecorn's newsletter email:

"Join the Kansas City Bier Meisters and Bacchus & Barleycorn celebration of Big Brew and National Homebrew Day on the lot behind Bacchus & Barleycorn beginning at 10:00 AM , Saturday, May 7. Thousands of homebrewers around the world unite to celebrate National Homebrew Day. The same homebrew recipe is brewed and a toast is raised simultaneously at Noon Central Time. This is a great opportunity to interact with other brewers, ask and answer brewing related questions and see the very simple to the most creative, elaborate systems being used by other homebrewers. So, bring your kettle and propane burner and brew with us or just come and celebrate homebrewing with us and thousands of brewers all over the world. This is a day you won’t want to miss."

For actual recipes you can visit the Homebrewers Association Recipes page.
And again visit KCworthog's site for background, other locations, and additional information regarding Big Brew 2011.


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