Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Local Blogger Still Helping the Red Cross

After the close call today in the metro area, Joplin is definitely not that far away.  Tornadoes are a common occurrence in the Midwest and we were reminded of that today.  We could easily find ourselves in the same circumstance as the people of Joplin have found themselves in.  The local beer blogger over at Show-Me Beer is still hard at it raising money and sponsoring American Red Cross donations.  The minimum donation is $10.00 which should be affordable for just about anyone.  Visit Show-Me Beer and see how you may receive a special gift for your generosity.

Visit the link below to see how to donate.  Thanks to all who donate.

Round 3 - Buy a round for Joplin


  1. Hey fat cat,
    I found some dogfish head here in Arizona. Let me know if there is anything you want or think I should look for!

  2. For Dogfish Head any of the IPA's, Indian Brown Ale, and Worlwide Stout if you can find it. It looks like there's also Alesmith there which is supposed to be good so if you can find Speedway Stout, Old Numbskull, or Wee Heavy.