Monday, May 16, 2011

IPA round-up No. 2 – Odell IPA review

Odell Myrcenary = awesome so Odell IPA = awesome, right?

ABV:  7.0%
IBU:  60 

I never had this brew prior to the shootout.  However, based on my previous experience with Odell Myrcenary, it was my intuition that this brew was going to be awesome.  The beauty of human nature is some how intuition, also known as gut instinct, is frequently correct.  This particular magic of the human psyche has proved correct and the Odell IPA placed second in our shootout.  The Odell IPA poured with a big fluffy head.    The nose of the brew expressed citrus and floral notes.  This IPA was very balanced with consideration of malt sweetness to hop bitterness.  Along with the balance, this IPA had a very clean finish.  The hops on finish are not astringent but instead very pleasing.  The balance along with the clean finish leads to a very pleasant and enjoyable IPA.  As this brew warms, it expresses hints of grapefruit which enhances the overall experience.  This IPA is top notch and I would recommend this to anyone.

Intuition is a delicious trait.


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