Saturday, May 14, 2011

IPA round-up No. 3 – Boulevard Single Wide review

The sleeper, at least from our past experience, was the Boulevard Single Wide.  It turned out to be one of our favorites.


ABV:  5.7%
IBU:   57

The Single Wide poured with a huge white fluffy head.  The carbonation in this particular bottle was very high causing about a three finger head when poured.  The smell out of the bottle was very hoppy with hints of grapefruit.  Once poured in my glass the head seemed to block most of the smell of the brew.  What could be detected in the glass was delicate citrus and faint grapefruit.  What surprised me about the Single Wide was how the taste and mouthfeel didn't indicate the lower ABV.  At 5.7% it was one of the lower ABVs in our shootout, but it tasted just as big as the others.  The initial reaction to the Single Wide is that it is well balanced and is not overly bitter.  The signature of the Single Wide is the deep and complex grapefruit flavors. 


Kudos to Boulevard Brewing Company for the delicious local brew and keep up the good work.


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