Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sam Adams' Rustic Saison

This is Sam Adams take on a saison.  What is a saison you might ask?  A saison began as a low alcohol pale ale brewed in farmhouses in Belgium.  It was brewed seasonally for the farm workers during harvest season.  It is also called a "farmhouse ale".  Saison is French for "season" and was brewed in cool seasons for consumption in the summer time.

The Rustic Saison poured with a large creamy head.  There was a spicy Belgian nose with some floral notes.  The brew was super clean tasting with a bit of spice from the yeast.  The finish was very dry and refreshing.  Overall this was a very satisfying brew. It is 4.35% ABV so this will not knock you out and will not be overpowering if your out in the heat.  I think what Sam Adams was going for with this brew and the East West Kolsch is easy drinking for the hot summer months.

Other examples of farmhouse ales currently available are Boulevard Tank 7 and Great Divide Collette.  Both of these brews push 7.0% ABV so they will have a significantly bigger punch and more pronounced flavors than the Sam Adams version.  So if you are looking for something to drink after mowing the grass in 100 degree heat, a Rustic Saison may be the answer.  If you fired up the BBQ and are looking to get a little tipsy, then you might consider the other offerings.

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