Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sam Adams Summer Ale

The Summer Ale is Sam Adams' summer wheat beer.  It is brewed with lemon zest and grains of paradise.  Grains of paradise are native to West Africa and offer a peppery flavor to the brew.  The Summer Ale poured with a full three fingered head.  There was a definite lemon signature to the nose with a slight spiciness from the wheat.  The taste starts with lemons and finishes with a subtle spice from the wheat much like the nose.  The Grains of Paradise mix well with the wheat and offers a very refreshing experience.  Finishes dry.  Overall this is a mild tasting brew and as with all the beers in the Summer Styles Variety Pack, is meant to be easy drinking for the summer.  At 5.3% ABV it is a bit more significant in strength then the other seasonal brews in the pack.  Overall this is a very clean and refreshing summer wheat beer.  If you're not familiar with wheat beers this would be a good wheat beer to cut your teeth on.  

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