Monday, May 9, 2011

In a galaxy not so far far away… Beer Wars!

The documentary film, Beer Wars, is now available in its entirety, free of charge, at  I encourage everyone to take the time to watch this documentary.  It contains tons of good information about the beer industry, and how the beer industry operates.  There are several key figures in the craft brew movement showcased in this documentary.   Besides being a plethora of information for beer aficionados and beer nerds alike, it spotlights how politics play a role in the beer industry.  A lot of this information is simply overlooked by everyday consumers, and allows big beer to operate behind closed doors.  Most people (at least I didn’t) know how distributors worked and how beer actually arrived at the local liquor store.   It explains how the three-tiered system operates and how it is supposed to be a system of checks and balances.  But everyone knows that boat loads of money can easily influence and control the market.  This country is supposed to operate as a free market, but with the influence of tons of cash it’s easy to tilt the playing field to the point “free market” is just a cute name flashed at consumers.  Consumer education and awareness is important in a free market regardless of the industry.  Consumer complacency is running rampant and we now fail to seek out information regarding our products.  The lowest common denominator becomes acceptable and innovation grinds to a halt.  Regardless of your interest in the beer industry, this documentary is a wake-up call to consumers of all industry in this country.

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