Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rare Stone brews still in KC!

When Stone Brewing Company stopped in KC to kickoff their Missouri distribution, they brought some kick ass rare brews with them.  Stone has since retreated from the KC area and we are left with only their regular line-up.  If you are like me, you already miss the special brews including the 2010 Russian Imperial Stout.  Well their is great news!  The Riot Room is still pouring Double Bastard 2010, Stone Russian Imperial Stout 2010, Doubly Dry-Hopped Stone IPA, and Double Dry-Hopped Stone Sublimely Self Righteous.  If you missed out on these brews the first time around, or you have an abnormal attachment to beer like me, it's not too late to get them!  I highly recommend the Imperial Stout and the Double Dry-Hopped.

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