Friday, July 8, 2011

2011 U.S. Open Beer Championship

When you hear about the US Open you may think of golf or maybe even tennis. Well if sissy-ass clapping or people grunting obnoxiously every time they hit a tennis ball don’t excite you, check out the US Open of Beer. More than 1,200 beers in more than 50 different categories were entered into the competition. A unique aspect of this competition is that it is the only competition to include professional breweries and award-winning home brewers together. This is a great example of homebrewing getting the recognition it deserves for its part in the today’s craft brew movement. The homebrewers faced the big boys head on and went home with one silver and two bronze medals.

The top 10 breweries based on the number of beers placing first (3 points), second (2 points) or third (1 point) are:

1. Deschutes Brewery, Oregon
2. Cigar City Brewing, Florida
2. Grand Teton Brewing, Idaho
4. Boston Beer Company, Massachusetts
5. New Belgium Brewing, Colorado
6. Full Sail Ales, Oregon
7. Sprecher Brewing, Wisconsin
8. Neustadt Brewing, Canada
9. Montana Brewing, Montana
10. August Schell, Minnesota
10. Capital Brewing, Wisconsin

Check out for the complete results including the top 3 beers in each category.

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