Saturday, July 2, 2011

Imperial IPA round-up No. 3 - Odell Myrcenary

The Myrcenary is the only brew that I had tried prior to our shootout and I had high expectation for it.  The Myrcenary did not disappoint! 

9.3% ABV
The Odell Myrcenary poured a pale straw color with a two finger head.  The aroma was big in pine and citrus.  For an Imperial IPA this is a very balanced offering with wonderful grapefruit flavor.  It was not aggressively bitter but very refreshing instead.  This is another one of those dangerous brews because the 9.3% ABV is disguised very well.  The Myrcenary was a subdued competitor compared to the Ruination but used it’s subtlety brilliantly.  I would not hesitate to suggest this brew to anyone.

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