Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'll Make Him an Offer He Can't Refuse - A chew toy

I’ve stared at this brew in the store more than I care to admit. The price was good but I couldn’t get passed the cheesy name. I know it’s from Laughing Dog Brewing Co. and they are playing on that but it still sounded pretty gimmicky. I passed on this brew countless times but one day I made a stand. I said, “self you must try this silly named brew in the name of becoming a beer Yoda.” That was that and I purchased two of them (they were on clearance which truth be told is the reason I pulled the trigger in the first place. But don’t tell the force or they won’t let me be a Yoda).

I’m going to post my exact tasting notes without any embellishments because re-reading my notes amused me. Who needs sentences, complete thoughts, and other trash? Not the Dogfather.

-Big Malt and Booze in nose, molasses


-Ton of fruit out of place yeast?

-Black cherries

-Gets better as it warms but still very weird

-No real roast


This is definitely unlike any other imperial stout that I have tasted. The sour fruit and black cherry character threw me for a loop. I was not expecting that type of character from this brew at all. I think this approach would be nice if it had some sweetness and roast/chocolate character in the background to support the strong fruit flavors. There is also a barrel aged version which I have not tried yet. I’ll probably let the barrel aged and the other regular version age a while to mellow the cherries and re-taste. If you want to try a stout with character you have never tasted before or you like black cherries in your imperial stout, then pick up a bottle of the Dogfather.


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