Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bourbon Barrel Aged Zombie Apocalypse

FatCat's Zombie Apocalypse Imperial Stout has been marinating in greatness for quite some time now.  The other day FatCat had a stroke of GEEEEENIUS!!!!!  Why not age half of the Zombie Apocalypse on toasted oak cubes soaked in Elijah Craig?  That sounds like the holy grail of freakin' awesomeness to me so here it is.

I purchased some oak cubes from Midwest Supplies.  The cubes come in light, medium, and heavy toast.  The heavier the toast, the deeper oak and vanilla character you can expect in the finished brew.  I'm going with American oak cubes in medium and heavy toast. 

This is when I first put the oak cubes in bourbon to age.
The chips soaked for about a week in the bourbon and the smell is amazing.  There is definitely heavy vanilla aroma coming out of the cubes at this point.

Here is bourbon after a week in the oak cubes.
The bourbon coming out of the cubes looks like Dr. Pepper.  I can't even fathom throwing out Elijah Craig so I tasted it.  It tastes like scotch whiskey with a huge burn on the end.  I think I like it.

The second bath in Elijah Craig
The first round of Elijah Craig is drained off because this bourbon will take in all the astringent out of the new oak.  So hopefully the oak chips will not impart harsh flavors now since they took the first bath in bourbon.  Now it's time for the second bath of bourbon which will disinfect everything.  This will be added to half of my Zombie Apocalypse and greatness will ensue!

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