Friday, July 15, 2011

Have You Ever Felt the Need to Shank Your Brew?

My life goals have been accomplished in their entirety with this single discovery. I found the single coolest thing ever invented, no not Harry Potter, the butterfly beer opener. It folds conveniently to carry in your pocket, then at a moment’s notice you can perform a semi-impressive hand movement and a bottle opener is at your disposal. What else would you ever need in life?

I found mine on good old Ebay for $12.00 shipped. The quality is mediocre at best but it serves its purpose. I’m pretty sure I will never have to actually defend my life with it, so the mediocre quality is acceptable. There is another one sold on the internet which claims to be super high quality especially designed for the military’s special operations (not really), but they want almost $30.00 for it. The good news is according to Central States Beverage, a shipment of Lagunitas butterfly bottle openers are set to hit liquor stores in the area soon. Not sure what the price will be but can you really put a price on super kick assness?

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