Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Imperial IPA round-up No. 2 - Founder's Double Trouble

In our IPA shootout Founder’s dominated the field and won the coveted number one spot. So what could we expect from their Imperial IPA? Second place, that’s what. Founder’s has proven to be a solid brewing company not just from our prestigious shootouts, but by placing on just about every other beer review list you can find as well.

The artwork on the bottle is a bit disturbing to me. I guess it’s like the people that hate clowns, being disturbed by a non-imposing figure, but to me this bottle is freaky. So at the risk of being eternally condemned to some weird impressionist portrait, I ventured forth into the Founder’s Double Trouble. It poured a dark straw color with a two fingered head perched on top. The nose emanated floral notes with some citrus fighting through. The taste was balanced with a nice deep grapefruit character lingering into the finish. The deep grapefruit flavor is like eating grilled grapefruit where some of the fruit’s sugar has been caramelized on an open flame. The bitterness lingers slightly after the finish but is not astringent or unpleasant in any way. The brew overall is very smooth and drinkable. I survived the crazy looking bottle and ingested the beautiful elixir contained within. As far as I can tell I’m not stuck in any weird impressionistic world, so I think it is safe. Either way the reward of deliciousness far outweighs the consequences of being stuck in an alternate universe so drink up!


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