Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Have you ever met that Arrogant Bastard?

Stone stormed into Missouri with a game plan that could be compared to the military's shock and awe.  Greg Koch’s presentation at the Flying Saucer was epic and the beer offering that night rivaled full fledged beer festivals.  It is clear that Stone’s marketing is a full tilt approach that is as subtle as a sledge hammer to the face.  So with the aptly named Arrogant Bastard, Stone has been slowly taking over the world.

7.2% ABV

The Bastard poured copper red with a big white head.  There was not much happening in the nose other than hints of malt.  My presumption is the enormous head was blocking most of the aroma.  As you begin to take your first sip you notice the hellish gargoyle on the bottle looking at you like you will be its snack.  Could this brew be the devils blood personified, well beerofied?  Possibly.  The Bastard's initial impression displays wonderful hop character with a solid malt background to smooth it out.  The hops dance nicely on the palate bursting with floral and citrus notes.  This is another one of those beers that have very distinctive hop character without simply being just bitter.  I like to refer to this trait as "clean" bitterness.  Basically it's an IPA with the hop character, but absent in the intense bitterness which is usually associated with an IPA.  Surprisingly with the seemingly over the top bottle graphics and the supreme statement of arrogance on the back, the beer itself is very balanced and pleasant.  The hop bitterness lingers slightly into the aftertaste giving the brew a refreshing note.  I really enjoyed this brew and was also very entertained reading the bottle as I enjoyed it's contents.  I would recommend this brew to anyone based on the taste alone, the bottle art/statement of arrogance alone, or the price alone.  For $4.00 this brew is a steal, Indiana Jones style of course.  I have updated FatCat's Epic Brew page so check it out at the top!


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