Saturday, July 9, 2011

Imperial IPA round-up No. 1 - Firestone Walker Double Jack

The FatCat crew ventured into the unknown and came back with treasure.  The type of treasure that would make Jack Sparrow swim to the bottom of the ocean to retrieve.  No not gold coins, more like liquid gold.  Liquid gold called Firestone Walker Double Jack.

The Double Jack poured with a fluffy two fingered white head and the nose exploded with huge grapefruit notes.  The taste mimics the nose with big grapefruit flavor and beautifully blended malt character.  It begins with brief malt and caramel before the hops swing into action.  The hop character starts with a brief sour grapefruit flavor and then gives way to a sweeter mellower citrus note.  The finish is big with deep grapefruit much like Founder's Double Trouble and the seemingly open fire grilled caramelized sugar flavor.  The mouthfeel was a bit thicker than the other brews in the shootout but super drinkable nonetheless.  What sets Double Jack apart from the other competitors is the complexity of the hop character.  Instead of the Double Jack just having one aspect of the grapefruit/citrus note with either sour, medium citrus/grapefruit, or deep grapefruit, it has them all. 

So whether you are Jack Sparrow or some other less famous pirate, you should sail your way to the nearest Missouri liquor store and claim your booty.  Double Jack dominated our shootout for good reason, it's freakin awesome.  This is another brew I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone. 

Arrrggggggggg!  Wait I mean,


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